KegMetrics is LIVE

DashBrew offers products and services to craft breweries and home-brewers.  We love beer, brew beer, and believe firmly in local high quality beer.

Who is DashBrew?


DashBrew is an independent product developer for the craft beer industry.  It is headed by Greg Shaw a Microsoft Veteran of 13 years who recently left to pursue his dream of helping and supporting the craft beer industry.  DashBrew is different than other products and services currently in the craft beer industry because DashBrew is small and hyper-focused on customer service, leveraging technical innovation with the primary goal of making small craft breweries successful.

DashBrew has made a purposeful decision to NOT start a brewery (even though Greg loves to brew beer) because we realize we can have a far bigger impact on the industry with products and services that support craft breweries and home brewers (many of whom start craft breweries).  KegMetrics and the in-depth research of the 2016 Craft Brewers report are just the start.

Greg Shaw, Founder DashBrew