Useful Tools to generate and manage data

 Customer Lead generation—ever go to a website that asks if you want to be on their newsletter or get exclusive information? All you have to do is enter and confirm your email.  There are several tools that manage all those emails; however the most popular one is Aweber (  We recommend using ConvertKit.  They do things a little differently but the goal is the same.  To manage email campaigns and content to people on your “lists”.

Website Analytics & SEO—you’re a brewery why do you care about traffic to your website?  The answer is that these days’ people are using websites to promote their brands.  If you are able to offer value to your customer on your website imagine how much value your physical product (beer) will create.  If you go to depths to explain how to taste and evaluate beer for example, this helps your customers see your expertise in the ability to brew the beer.  Google analytics is probably the king here.  Ask your web designer to provide you information like “where is your traffic coming from”, “how many visitors are coming by?” and so on.  Long Tail Pro and SEO MOZ can help with your keywords and search ranking.

Yelp—if you’re not managing your business on Yelp you likely are missing out on a lot of positive and negative reviews.  I’ve spoken with restaurant owners who have said 80% of their foot traffic comes from Yelp.  It would seem brewpubs and breweries will fall into the same space.

Untapped—We believe the verdict is still out on how impactful Untapped is at generating and retaining customers for breweries, but if you want to appeal to the true beer aficionado then this is the app to target.  An easy way to do this is to get your feed up on your website.—TapHunter is similar to Untapped but they actually automate menu and tap postings to multiple locations.–Tired of always opening twitter or facebook to post updates online.  Just queue your updates up in Buffer and have it post for you.