Applications for Managing and Forecasting brewery sales


These are programs and applications that are available for breweries that need computerized systems to manage and forecast their sales. Some of the solutions are cloud based and others have a variety of models that can be configured specifically for the breweries requirements.  There is some cost to the systems and it varies in terms of what modules or systems you prefer

Pros Cons URL
Ekos Brewmaster Multiple modules for many types of solutions, cloud based Overrides not easily done, monthly cost is not cheap, but also not expensive
Vicinity Brew Utilizes the latest Microsoft technologies, has multiple different modules that can be configured, small responsive development team Not as well known as some of the other solutions out there.  Not a lot of feedback received.
Orchestrated Beer End to end solution for managing a brewery Feedback is that workflow is rigid, monthly costs is considered expensive
Tableau Great for analyzing massive amounts of data Not a brewer specific solution
KegMetrics Focus is on collaboration and community for productivity around the key output of your brewery—your kegs.  Provides insights and historics to improve forecasting.  Pricing is affordable at all levels of output, cloud based and mobile Does not focus on the supply chain or raw materials, although sales forecasting metrics will make that piece much easier.



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